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Set up employer direct primary care programs, faster. And hassle free.

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Confidently cover all the implementation details.

Measure DPC practice coverage

Know how many employees have doctors close by — and how much it would cost to cover their membership.

Nail all the details

Fully control when employees become eligible, using ACA-compliant language, and how much to spend to cover memberships.


A seamless, rich employee enrollment experience so you hit max adoption.

Made for choice

Give employees full freedom of choice. They choose their preferred doctor and see exactly how much they will pay out-of-pocket, if anything.

Family friendly

Support dependents out of the box, including choosing different doctors within households. You don't have to worry about the logistics — we'll handle it.


Easily support a direct primary care benefit program built to last

Unified payment and clear costs

Make one payment for all enrolled employees and dependents and see employee-level details like monthly cost and eligibility status.

Quickly onboard and offboard

Automate new hire eligibility and enrollment, while easily managing and removing departing employees.