Exceptional employee primary care that saves everyone money

Accessible, high-value primary care subscriptions you and your employees can depend on.

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Care that actually saves you and your employees money


saved per member annually¹


reduction in



1. Forbes, 2016.
2. Forbes, 2016.
3. CHI Health, 2018.

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See how much companies like yours can save with a primary care subscription program through Equal Health.

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Care that is trusted and personalized

Give employees and dependents dedicated,
patient-centric primary care.

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Absolutely no

No per visit fees means no
barrier to care.

Membership-level access

Employees can access their
doctor whenever they need to.

In person, close to home

A personal doctor relationship,
whether in-person or virtually.

Employee choice, everytime

A dedicated doctor employees choose based on their needs.

Easy access at the right pace

Same day or next day and as
much time as employees need.

Personal, modern convenience

Call, text, email, or video —
whatever employees need.

Care delivered by independent health care providers

We partner with the best primary care doctors across
the country dedicated to patient-centric care.

Build your custom network

"Equal lets me grow my practice while I focus on why I became a doctor: to take care of people."

Dr. Jeff Gold

Gold Direct Care

Marblehead, MA

"Equal bridges the gap between employers who want good care for their employees and doctors who want to give the best healthcare possible."

Dr. Kendrick Johnson

Ark Family Health

Peoria, AZ

Care, paired with technology, that’s easy to roll out

Our software makes setting up and managing
your primary care subscription program seamless.

Easily build a custom network tailored to your team

Use our state-of-the-art coverage analysis tool to build a custom network personalized for your employees and their loved ones.

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Customize your contribution for predictability

With Equal Health's pricing controls, you can set exactly how much you're willing to contribute to subscriptions, so there are no surprises.

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A seamless modern enrollment experience

Your employees and their dependents can easily browse, view, and select the best health care providers for their needs.

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Simple, straightforward invoicing

No matter how big your custom network is, you'll only get one invoice per month for all your enrolled employees and dependents.

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One-click management and enrollment insights

Seamlessly manage enrollment, and your workforce, while keeping an eye on adoption rates and employee satisfaction

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The best primary care on Earth is ready for you and your employees.

Whether you want to learn more about our model of care, how our software works, your potential cost savings, or jump right into building your custom network, we're here for you.

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